Friday, October 29, 2010

A Halloween Parade!

Naomi's daycare had their Halloween celebration today with a costume parade followed by Trunk or Treating. Austin and I took the morning off from work to join in the celebration. I think it threw Naomi off a bit having us both be home, yet going to daycare, so she was a little pouty. She didn't want to walk in the parade without holding either Austin or my hand cause she was so scared we were going to leave her. But as soon as we got to the trunk or treating part and she realized she was getting treats, she quickly warmed up. Of course she melted down again one we both left to get back to work, and her teachers actually called a couple times with updates, it was possibly one of the roughest days she's had since she first started. Poor thing. I have to say though, with all the chaos, and all the crying kids, I really have to hand it to the daycare teachers for al their patience and love they have for the kids. I've never seen so many tears shed over halloween! But all the teachers said it is definitely one of the hardest days of the year since the parents are in and out, not to mention sugar highs from all the treats.

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