Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby 2 update

I'm 28 weeks. 7 months!! Almost there.
I had my 28wk check up yesterday, which included an hour long glucose test where you get to drink this super sweet liquid and get a ton of blood drawn at the end of the hour. Surprisingly the sugar liquid wasn't as thick or as bad as I remember. It sort of tasted like flat orange fanta. The blood drawing wasn't fun, I think the combo of me being sick, hungry, and grossed out by shots made me really squeamish. I left the office feeling really faint, and actually almost swerved into another lane as I was driving to pick up Naomi! yikes. Luckily there's a subway next to Naomi's daycare, so I grabbed a 6inch sub and stuffed it down my face. Felt much better after that.
The doctor said I'm measuring really small and wants to monitor the baby's growth in the next couple of weeks. Nothing I'm really concerned about. Naomi was small too. It makes for an easier delivery =)
The biggest news is that my ob, after 7 months of seeing her on a regular basis, is no longer going to be with the practice. There is still another OB in the practice that I"ll be seeing soley from now on, but 1) he's a guy, 2) he's old, 3) I really like the ob that's leaving! Not exactly feeling thrilled about the news, but at least I'll still be with a familiar doctor.
And not doctor related, but we do have a name picked out. It's not a secret, but i'm not going to post it, so ask me off line if you really need to know. At first we were just "trying" it out. Just like we tried out multiple names for Naomi (she was everything from Sasquatch, Alien, BB, Julia, Audrey, and finally Naomi). But with baby 2, we pretty much had it picked out before we even knew we were pregnant. Telling Naomi her name made it even more difficult to "try" a name out, since Naomi exclusively refers to her baby sister by name now. It's super cute though, I love how she's already picking things out for her mei mei (little sister). She's given up her nursery, crib, a ton of baby toys etc for the baby. She refers to them as "baby 2's" now. She loves to say hi to her baby sister by yelling at my belly. She'll also give my belly kisses, and prays for her every night. And the other day when I asked Naomi who lived in our family's house, she said, "mommy, daddy, yomi and baby 2!!" She's also showing concern for her little sister, when I walked into an open drawer and hit my stomach, Naomi yelled out, "OHHH NOOOO 'Baby 2' are you ok!??"
I do worry that she'll be bossy and strict with her little sister though. I was telling Austin how the baby was kicking a lot and making things a little uncomfortable. Naomi quickly asked me if "i was ok" then looked at my belly and pointed a finger at it and said, "baby, NOT OK to kick mommy". Too cute.

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