Monday, May 23, 2011

35 Months

That's right. Naomi is 1 month away from being THREE. How did time go by so fast? We were looking at pictures from while I was pregnant with Mikaela, it's unbeilable how much Naomi has grown up since becoming a big sister. She's such a girl now as opposed to being a baby. She started pre-school full time this month and is doing so well. She's done really well with potty training, and is only wearing diapers now when she goes to bed at night. She's doing really well with recognizing her letters, and can spell her name, mikaela's, and is starting to string together words by slowly spelling out letters. She is still obsessed with ballet and dancing and loves putting on "shows" for her audience, which is usually Mikaela and myself.
She's also embracing the fact that she can voice or shall we say, yell her opinion. She's VERY opinionated, and we're constantly working with her to help her realize that she is not always going to get her way. She also gets easily frustrated, and is extremely dramatic..(no she doesn't get this from me, I promise). I do think that my going back to work has affected her. Several times in the past couple of days, she's called me at work, having just woken up to find that I wasn't there. Hearing her voice full of tears begging me to stay at home is pretty much the most difficult thing I have to face each day. She does get upset that I'm not home all the time, and by the time I pick her up from daycare, she's often so tired and cranky, a major meltdown and temper tantrum is basically inevitable.
She's starting to overcome her shy stage and warms up to people much quicker now. Once she is comfortable with you, she won't stop talking to you...she's actually been "shushed" at school during her dance class. She apparently was over excited about showing off some of the new ballet moves she had created (after watching swan lake on youtube).
She's obsessed with dresses still, and refuses to wear pants and shorts. She loves trying on shoes, whether they're mine, or shoes at a store. All in all she's a true girly girl.

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beawei said...

Is this a new move or from swan lake? Beautiful! I cannot wait to watch it on real stage performance. It is only a few more days away and I won't hold my breath ...