Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We took Mikaela to the cardiologist today. Everything checked out ok. She does have a murmur, but after an ekg and an echo ultrasound, the cardiologist was able to confirm that the murmur was innocent and most likely just loud blood flow working through Mikaeala's heart. She'll most likely outgrow it and it's nothing we need to be worried about. That's definitely a huge weight off of my shoulders. Mikaela, by the way, was a total champ. She didn't squirm or cry at all during all of the procedures, and we were in and out in lighting speed. The nurse and cardiologist all raved about what a good patient she was being. They had warned us ahead of time that the procedures could take a lot of time, almost an hour, because in order to get a good read, they'd need the baby to be still for 10 seconds at least, and since most babies are in there crying and squirming, it often is a big challenge. They asked us to bring a blanket, pacifiers, bottles of milk, and anything that might soothe her. Turns out we didn't need anything except the blanket to lay down on the patient table. Can't say it enough how easy this kid makes it sometimes.

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beawei said...

Stacey had heart murmur when she was born. At the three month (? or a little later) check-up it was gone. Mikaela might be just like GuGu!?