Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to reality

Talk about mega sunday blues. Tomorrow is my first day of work in 2012. Thanks to the girls being sick, then me getting sick, I ended up staying home all last week. Naomi went to daycare on Thursday and Friday, and Mikaela stayed home with me the entire week. While it was rough having everyone being sick, it definitely was a treat to be home with the girls. It's always a treat to drop Naomi off at daycare. Since it's early in the morning, she has a ton of energy, is excited to go, and isn't overly tired like she is when i pick her up. I get to see her in an environment with friends and teachers. I get to talk to her teachers a bit more, and talk and joke around with her classmates.

And being home alone with Mikaela was the biggest treat of all. It really is rare that I get that much one on one time with her. Not that I'm complaining, but usually when I'm not at work, we're all hanging out as a family, or I'm busy taking Naomi to dance class, or other random errands, and it's easier to leave Mikaela at home with Austin. Unsurprisngly, she has become quite the daddy's girl and totally prefers Austin more than me. Naomi went through the same stage as well (although now everyone can attest to the fact that she's a momma's girl all the way =P ). I'm used to it this time and it doesn't hurt as much as it did with Naomi. I remember crying when she would see me and turn away only to reach out to Austin. Anyway, having a week home with just Mikaela was so nice. I got to see her personality even more. I got to teach her some new tricks, like grabbing her head when you say, "Oh my goodness", puckering her lips and kissing you when you ask for a kiss, blowing out candles, (in preparation for her birthday next week). I also got to witness some of her "firsts", like when she stood up unassisted for the first time, or her first time trying out new foods (scrambled eggs and spaghetti are some of her favorites). We got on such a great schedule with 2 long naps each day, she is SO easy. I can put her down for a nap while she's wide awake, and she wont' even cry or protest, and when she wakes up and calls out for me, I go in to be greeted by a smiling baby who says "Hi" at the sight of me.

Anyway, I digress. I have the sunday blues and I really should be going to bed. Instead I'm blogging because I already miss my girls. We have a full week too. Five whole work days!!! It's been awhile since I've had one of those =). But at least the end of this week is something to look forward to. On Friday, our daycare has a "parent's night out" night where the daycare stays open til 9:30. Austin and I have a date night planned with dinner in the city. We haven't picked a restaurant yet but we're definitely picking something completely not-child friendly.
And then on Saturday, the big birthday. Mikaela turns 1!!! Her birthday party will be the following week (mainly due to lazy, unorganized parents) but we'll definitely make it a special family day. I can't believe my baby is 1!!! sob.

Ugh ok, things to look forward to. A week of work not so fun. But things could be worse right?


beawei said...

Enjoy all those precious moments and be positive thinking always. I love that!

Anonymous said...

i agree with bea,i am also very grateful to u and austin for the 2 little angels. remember that God give them to you so you can bring them up for Him. love and enjoy all the moments He give you and take things in stride. love u very much!!!!