Sunday, January 1, 2012

When did our place become and infirmary?

Happy New Years and a belated Merry Christmas everyone!!

We've had the week off for the holidays, and while it has been nice to be out of work and at home with the family, I can't say it was very relaxing! We started Christmas Eve off with Mikaela getting a fever of 102, so we skipped Christmas eve service and Christmas Day service and relaxed at home. Both my brother's were in town, so we had a great time hanging out, opening presents (real ones, not baby food), playing with presents, eating, and sleeping =)
On Monday evening, Austin came down with a stomach bug and was in bed for two days. Then Naomi caught the bug, and even managed to be "THAT" kid that pukes her guts out at a bouncy house in front of everyone. She was sick til about Thursday afternoon, so we cancelled all of our plans that we had for those couple of days, including going to see Angelina Ballerina. Even though the tickets were free, thanks to a great friend, it was still sad since I know how much Naomi would have loved it this year, given how into Ballet she is. Mikaela caught the bug too and had an upset stomach for pretty much the entire week.
Then just when things looked like they were getting better, Mikaela came down with another fever on New Year's eve, 102 again. On Sunday it spiked up to 103, and we took her to the pediatrician's. Her white blood cells were elevated to over 2x the normal level, but after some tests, including a urinalysis, which for a baby is horrendous...think catheter, the doctors decided that she most likely just has a bad virus and we should just keep her on tylenol and monitor her closely. If by Tuesday she's not better, we have to take her back to the pediatricians. Just in time for work!

Despite all the sickness, we did have a great week, and didn't miss out on everything. We got to spend time with my brothers, we had a play date with some out of town friends, I got to go out for drinks with some girlfriends, we went to a new years eve party where Naomi made it to midnight and beyond, and Austin and I even had an entire "date day" and date night thanks to the best babysitters....daycare and my brother chris.

Fun fact of the day - the Wei's went to the pediatricians 2 times during the week between Christmas and New Year's, one time in 2012 (and we're only one day in), and 5 times for the month of December..and all of them were sick visits!! Here's to hoping for a healthier 2012.

Happy new years everyone.

So sick she fell asleep for a nap at 9:30am

Waiting unhappily at the Doctor's office
Naomi trying to make Mikaela feel better and keep her warm by covering her with her sweater.
Fell asleep at the doctor's office

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beawei said...

Wishing you a healthy 2012! I hope Mikaela will feel better by tomorrow.