Monday, July 14, 2008

Going at it alone

Today was the first day where I was with Naomi by myself. My mom is in Cleveland for 2 wks, and Austin's mom and sister left on Saturday. Thank goodness it's only a few days on my own so I can ease into this. Today was CRAZY. Talk about murphy's law. The day started off alright, Austin left for work, and after eating, Naomi went down for a nap.

Then at 9:30, the airconditioning men came to try and fix our upstairs unit. After awhile, they left, and one of the guys said he'd be back with more parts in a little bit. So while they were gone i decided to feed Naomi again. In the middle of feeding, I heard her having one of her explosive poops, a normal occurance for her, and usually not a big deal at all. But as I picked her up to switch her for the other half of her feeding, I saw that her diaper had leaked all over the pillow that I was supporting her on, and had run up her shirt as well, and her foot had dragged in it. So i picked her up to try and move the pillow off, and put her head on my shoulder. Then she proceeded to spit up all down my shirt and in front as well. UGH.
I tried to run upstairs to get her and myself cleaned up, but as I was wiping her down, the doorbell rang, great it was the ac guy back to continue the repairs. So i grabbed naomi, dirty diaper and all, not wanting to leave her on the changing table, and ran to open the door.

After getting her all cleaned up, and finished eating, I put Naomi in the swing so I could get something to eat myself. As i walked to the microwave, i stepped in something wet. Lilo had an accident in the kitchen!!! argh. So i had to hop to the sink to clean my foot off, gross. Then I had to clean up Lilo's mess. I decided to put both Lilo and Stitch in their crates for awhile after that, since they were crazy barking at the ac repair men anyway. I had removed their cushions though to wash them, so they had to sit on their plastic mats for a bit. After i was done eating, I looked down at Stitch and saw that he had thrown up in his crate, had stepped in it and was sitting all the way in the corner of his crate to avoid getting any more mess on himself. So I let him out, cleaned him up, and then cleaned up his crate as well.

All of this happened before 1pm!! And so was my day of excrement and spitup. Thank God Ausitn has a half day since we're taking Naomi to the pediatrician today. He can take care of the family for the rest of the day =)

Here's a pic of Naomi we took yesterday, with all the craziness, seeing her makes it all worth it.


Laura said...

I read this and was simultaneously grossed out and felt a rush of sympathy for you -- it was definitely a poopy day... I'm glad Austin was able to come home to relieve you, and I'm sure in the coming weeks it will get easier! You guys seem to be doing a great job so far with your beautiful, healthy little girl!

Heather said...

I'm sorry that your day was so insane!! But hopefully the days'll only get better from here on out!! ;) Your little diva is adorable!! Hang in there! :)

Lois said...

oh my gosh - that's insane!!!! i can't imagine having to deal with dogs on top of poop-out diapers!!!

Paula said...

haha, that's like having THREE babies to take care of! crazy. but yea, i always wonder how they manage to get poop up above their diaper, like on their bellies and stuff. gross.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha. I know it must have been stressful at the time. But it's so funny to read about it now. I had one of those days too, except I didn't have two puppies to take care of. You're on your way to becoming a super mommy :) Let's hope Naomi doesn't decide ever to poop while you're giving her a bath... those are the nastiest... Keep up the great work!