Wednesday, July 30, 2008

meeting the wei's

Two weekends ago we went to Harvard, MA to atttend Austin's cousin's wedding. Naomi got to meet some of the extended family on the Wei side, including her great grandparents. Initially we were really nervous about travelling with Naomi since it was our first trip with her. But overall I think she did pretty well. The drive up took a little longer than normal since we had to make two stops to feed her and change her diaper. Austin had to make a makeshift changing table in the front seat of our car since Arby's doesn't have changing tables in their bathrooms. Go figure.

At the wedding, she slept through the entire ceremony and most of the dinner reception. I actually started to get a little worried cause she was going on her 5th hour of sleep during the wedding. (she needs to eat every 3 hours or so). It was pretty loud at the wedding, but as soon as it quieted down and the speeches started, sure enough our little boss decided to wake up and start crying. But Austin was quick enough to whip her up out of her seat and stuff a bottle in her mouth so she didn't have time to make too much noise. Overall though it was a pretty good weekend.

Naomi definitely made out like a bandit that weekend though with tons of gifts and hong bao's from all of Austin's relatives. She even received a handmade rocking horse which her great uncle made specially for her. Pictures to come later, but here are some pics from the weekend.

Family picture!

Naomi likes to wear shades like mommy and daddy

Great Grandpa and grandma Wei

4 generations of Wei

One of the rare moments Naomi was awake

Wei family

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Shari said...

Great family photos! Austin's family and relatives must've been thrilled to see her. She's such a cutie. Don't forget to post a picture of the rocking horse if you can.