Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Morning Mommy!!

Quick blog here since I'm at work.
I've decided the hardest part about being back at work is leaving in the morning. Every morning I sneak into Naomi's room to say bye. Even though she's always fast asleep, I always just give her a quick kiss and run out. It's so hard not getting to see her when she wakes up. But the best part of my day is always when Austin sends me a photo of her from his iPhone in the morning.
Here are the 3 he's sent for the 3 days I've been back at work so far:


Austin Wei said...

naomi and I like out little morning photo shoots too!!

Shari said...

Love that hair! =)

Laura said...

That would make my day, too! :-)

Martin said...

I like the pictures also. Grandpa.