Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Gymboree Halloween

Yesterday was Naomi's last class at Gymboree. It was fitting that we got to have it be a special day and play dress up. Naomi wore her ladybug costume (thank you ben and julie) and was definitely the cutest little critter I've seen. I decided to cancel our Gymboree classes since I'd be going back to work full time in a few weeks, plus, being around all these stay at home mom's just made me too depressed and jealous. Anyway, here's my baby ladybug.

Notice how Naomi's trying to roll on top of the poor baby sleeping blissfully next to her.


swei said...

man, that kid just keeps getting cuter and cuter. hahah. who's the kid slackin in class and napping? who is he...austin?

HaeWon Cadence Ryu said...

Love the pictures! She's one cute lady bug!