Friday, December 5, 2008


Over the past couple of days, I've had to make some pretty tough decisions. They're made now, and while nothing in life is ever final, it's not one of those things you can go back and ask for a do-over for.
I've never been good at making hard and fast decisions. And even now I'm still wondering. what do you ever know if what you decided on was the better option than the alternative?
I do know that having a child changes the way you think. My priorities and decisions are no longer based on my own pure selfish desire, but rather Naomi's well being.
Well here's to the future and the decisions we make.


Christopher said...

I decided to have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast instead of a banana. It was a mistake. I should have had the banana. I'd feel a lot better about myself right now.

These are the kinds of decisions I make.

Anonymous said...

in life i feel like there is no right or wrong decision, it is how we make that decision right. live and make it right.and every decision you make will be right. Put all your trust in Him.