Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dedicated to Stacey

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law and possibly one of the only ardent readers of this blog...sorry to keep you waiting!! haha
It's been awhile since I blogged, mainly because of the holiday weekend. We had a nice long weekend full of loved ones and overeating, two of my favorite things.
For Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have Fritz and Stacey come out. I hadn't seen Fritz since Naomi was born since he moved out to Palo Alto (lucky jerk) so it was a nice treat. Since he's last seen Naomi, she's become an actual human being instead of the squishy red marshmallow she was when she was born. I think they got along really well.
For Thanksgiving, we had 17 ppl over at our new house. In previous years, we've always had a ton of ppl, and the guests would be scattered throughout our townhouse, some people even forced to eat on the floor. This year, we had so much space! It didn't even feel like we had that many ppl. Guess we found our party home..haha yea right. My dad made his famous turkey, and Chris made a honey baked ham to rival. Have to say they were both deeelish. There was so much amazing food, I actually think I gained half my pregnancy weight back.
We have so much to be thankful this year. With the financial crisis that our country is going through, and with all the craziness and terror plots around the world, I have to take a step back and really count my blessings. Austin and I have been blessed with an amazing daughter and loving families that have both guided us and supported us through our somewhat clumsy transition into parenthood, friends that have been there with us through all of our ups and downs, and a partnership that has proven to be stronger than either one of us could have evern imagined.
Well the weekend has passed and it's back to the regular grind. There's something so incredible bittersweet about holidays. You spend so much time anticipating all the festivities and the time that you'll have with loved ones, but when it's over and time to go home you're filled with an immense sadness and longing that time could stand still just for a little while.
But enough with the sap...on other exciting fronts, we got our christmas tree! It's a bit crooked and definitely still underdecorated, but it marks the official beginning of the next marvellous holiday, christmas songs, hot cocoa, jingle bells, christmas gifts, here we come!


swei said...

whoa! i made it into the TITLE?! dear lord, being an avid reader has definitely paid off. haha. thanks for having me over for the big turkey/fried chicken fest! can't believe i'm leaving again. imma miss you kids.

Laura said...

Thanks for speaking up, Stacey -- I was looking for new pics, too! :)

Christopher said...

"For Thanksgiving, we were lucky to have Fritz and Stacey come out."

Oh I guess I'm just swiss cheese! You know it's really hard to get out of Washington Heights! Sometimes they even just randomly stop sending the subway up there!

Lo said...

ha ha that last pic is cute with naomi watching austin!