Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things I've learned

I've been back at work for over 2 months now. A couple of observations:

- I don't need a full 30 minutes to make it to the Path now that I'm no longer carrying 25 extra lbs in my belly.
- "Facetime" before or after work is simply not worth it when you could be at home with your loved ones.
- When frustrated at work, starting at pictures of Naomi can immediately brighten your day.
- A LOT of time, we're talking hours, can be wasted, simply staring at pictures of Naomi.
- You immediately make a new network of friends at work since you've joined the ranks of working parent/mother.
- When frustrated at work, you can easily make yourself feel better by convincing yourself that without working, your child would not be able to go to college...OR wear pretty Ralph Lauren dresses.
- Just because you go to bed believing you have the winning ticket under your pillow, doesn't mean you'll wake up a megamillion winner.
- If it weren't for support from our families, I'd probably already be in the looney farm.
- If it weren't for my super duper mommy, I'd probably be in isolation at the looney farm.
- Being a working mom increases the number of white hairs you have exponentially.
- Being a working mom is HARD.


Shari said...

Much kudos to you for doing the working mom thing. I know that it can be a struggle but it looks like everything is working well. Naomi is very lucky to have you as her Mommy. =)

Austin Wei said...

I think it is amazing how much you juggle and how great you are with Names...and about that second to last observation, i only have three words for you....what white hairs?