Thursday, February 25, 2010

Accessorize me...

Naomi loves wearing my necklaces, bracelets, shoes and hats. She is starting to build up quite the collection of jewelry of her own. I recently bought her a Hello Kitty pearl (faux) necklace, bracelet and ring set. She literally squealed with delight when we got home from daycare, and I pulled the package out of my bag. She immediately asked to put the entire set on, proceeded to dance around the house while continually checking out her bling.
Excuse the messy shirt, apparently she likes to accessorize her outfits at daycare by dumping yogurt on herself.

She also gets really excited when she knows she's wearing special outfits, like her qipao that she wore for Chinese New Year (Thanks Auntie Claire!!). As soon as she put it on, she ran into our bedroom to check herself out in the mirror.

She doesn't discriminate when it comes to accessories, and will often ask to wear Austin's hats as well. And of course, when he obliges and puts them on her, she again, runs to the mirror to see how it looks. It cracks me up watching her perform in front of the mirror. She'll smile, laugh, kiss herself, wave, make faces and pose. Silly girl, guess she gets that from Daddy.

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