Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some new comfort items?

Naomi has two comfort items that she carries around with, and sleeps with every day. Whenever she's frustrated she, tired or cranky she always asks for either Mimi (her lambie blanket) or Izzy (her little baby doll dressed as a bunny). She loves them so much that we've had to get multiples so we can wash them, and even then they're starting to show a lot of wear. She sings good morning to them every day, kisses them all the time, puts them in her stroller and pushes them around, it's incredibly cute. Recently, she's been asking to leave them in her crib when she wakes up. She'll say, "No, mimi, izzy, bed" and throw them back in. Periodically throughout the day she'll still ask for them, so I usually keep them in my diaper bag in case she needs them. But the past two nights, she's refused to hold them during prayer time and our lullaby before bedtime. Instead, she's chosen completely random and different comfort items. On Sunday night, she desperately clung to a baby wipe (yes the kind we use to wipe her bum). She refused to let us take it away from her, and ended up falling asleep with both the wipe and her Mimi clutched to her chest.
Last night was equally odd, she grabbed her crocs that ah-ma gave her, these are too big for her and sit at the bottom of her closet. She calls them , "ah-ma's shoes". and she also insisted on wearing her Red Sox baseball cap. When I put her down in her crib, she got upset when I tried to take either the shoes (which she was wearing on her hands) or her hat off. So I let her be, and she fell asleep wearing a redsox hat and crocs on each hand.
Poor Mimi and Izzy were tossed to the side of her crib.


cac67 said...

No picture? That sounds so cute!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, I want some pictures too!
hey nomi , I am buying you a pink gymboree boots, you'll love them better than the crocs. I know you also love boots.