Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick days

We're home sick today. On Friday Naomi's daycare teacher called us to tell us that Naomi had vomitted a couple of times at school, but didn't have a fever. She was pretty fussy though. All weekend she was clingy and moody, and last night she finally came down with a fever. This morning I took her to the doctor's where she had a 103.5deg temperature, a pink-ish colored ear, and most likely a GI infection. All in all nothing serious, but nothing fun either. I'm off from work today, Austin is going to stay home with Naomi tomorrow. Planning on lots of Disney movies and PJ time. Perfect considering it's raining and cold outside.


Shari said...

Get well soon, Naomi!

Anonymous said...

poor naomi.wish i am there to help.i know mom and dad are probably having A HARD TIME LIKE U.