Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where do you live?

We have been teaching Naomi where our family members live. She knows where most of our immediate family lives, but still gets stuck on Uncle Fish being in Palo Alto, and Uncle Chris being in New York.
We leave for Florida tomorrow morning, so I’ve been telling her that we’re going to visit some of the different Disney characters that live in Florida too. Here is how our conversation went last night.

Me: “Naomi, where does Nai Nai live?”
Naomi: “Bah – awws – tin” (Boston)
Me: “Where does Gu Gu live?”
Naomi: “Bah – awws – tin” (Boston)
Me: “Where does Yeh Yeh live?”
Naomi: “My – Wand!!” (Taiwan)
Me: “Where does Naomi live?”
Naomi: “Ummm, Sir – see?”
Me: “Yea that’s right, New Jersey. Where does Ahma live?”
Naomi: “Floor – Dah” (Florida)
Me: “Where does Do-Do live” (when she was first learning to speak, she couldn’t say Gong Gong meaning grandpa (on your mom’s side), so she started calling him Doo-Doo, and unfortunately for my dad, it’s stuck as his nickname)
Naomi: “Floor-DAHHHHH!!!”
Me: “Where does Cinderella live?”
Naomi: “Castle!”
Me: “Good job, ok where is Cinderella’s castle?”
Naomi: “Ummmm, TV!!!”

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