Sunday, February 7, 2010

Potty Time!!!!

After we got home from the city this afternoon, Naomi said, "POTTY" and walked straight to the bathroom and waited by her potty. We asked her if she had to go poo-poo, and she said, "YEA!!" So Austin took of her pants and diaper and she sat on her potty, (but then decided she needed her socks off too). After about 3 minutes, she did exactly what she said she needed to do!! It's probably a fluke, she is only 19 months, and we weren't expecting to really potty train her til she was at least 2, but it definitely is exciting! And of course it introduces to a new realm of cleaning out a potty..gross.

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Lo said...

go naomi!!! i'm totally jealous. i think i've scared caleb away from the potty. whenever i ask if he needs to go when he looks like he's pooping, he says "no?!" but yet he'll go over and say he has to pee and just sit for a minute without peeing. sigh.