Sunday, January 31, 2010

Potty Time

On New Year's Day, I decided it was time to start teaching Naomi about going potty. While I'm in now rush to be rid of diapers, she is very good about telling us when she's gone poopoo and sometimes even tells us ahead of time. Sometimes she'll tell us she went poo-poo and realize that since she's in the middle of playing, that she'll have to stop playing and get a diaper change, so she quickly changes her mind and says, "no poo-poo" and backs herself as far away from us as possible so we can't do a quick check.
Anyway, the day after New Year's, Austin had to work (yes on a saturday, and yes, on Jan 2nd). So Naomi and I made a trip to Babies R Us to pick out a potty. We ended up picking out a frog potty by Fisher-Price, mainly because Naomi loves frogs and kept saying, "ribbit ribbit" and trying to pull the potty of the shelf. Plus it was the cheapest one! Win-win situation right?

As soon as we got home, I tore off the packaging and Naomi ran to it and said, "poo-poo"! Yay she gets the concept. Except, here's where the problem lies. I didn't realize this frog potty was built with boys in mind. See the eyes on the potty are splashguards. Splash-guards? For what? Oh...I've never really had to think about how a boy's anatomy is going to make it hard for him to pee without "splashing" ok gross. So yes, the eyes are taller than the rest of the potty to prevent sprayage. The problem is, is that these eyes prevented Naomi from being able to sit properly on the potty. She would either sit on the eyes, or try to straddle around the potty..but given that she's my daughter, and therefore extremely small...ok..short, her legs weren't long enough, and she'd end up with one leg IN the potty. Definitely not ideal. We did figure out a way that she could sit between the eyes and the back, but her legs were so squashed together, it just wouldn't make for comfortable potty usage. Back to the drawing board...we did keep the frog potty in our downstairs bathroom, and anytime Austin or I go to the bathroom, Naomi goes right in there and tries to sit on the potty as well. A couple of times we've had her sit without her diaper on the potty when she's said that she has to go poo-poo. The funny thing is, that when she sits on the potty she wants to take all her clothes off. I've gone as far as to let her take her sweater, pants and socks off, but to her disappointment, made her keep her shirt on. Weird child. She must get that from Austin.

Anyway. Today we finally made a trip to Buy Buy Baby, and picked up this new potty by Baby Bjorn.

I've seen tons of people with it, and never really got what the big deal was. I mean it's just plastic, how different can one potty be from the next. Well this time, I decided to make sure Naomi tried it out at the store before we purchased it. So I pulled it off the shelf, and let Naomi sit on it. She yelled out "POTTY" and went and sat down. No problem, it was easy on and off, no awkward straddling or maneuvering necessary. The only problem we did run into was that she wanted to take all her clothes off in the middle of the store!!


Chickering Mom said...

The Bjorn is great!!

I also recommend the Prince Lionheart weePod for sitting on the big potty. It broke Owen of his big potty fear and Mary loves sitting like a big girl.

Good Luck...potty training is not my thing. :)

Janet said...

we love the BB too! we also have the Potette Plus for long (rare) car trips.