Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running a rat race....and probably coming in last

My parents left after Christmas, and this is my first week back to work after the holidays. Since October, we've had one or both of my parents at home while Austin and I work. Naomi was still in daycare save a few days here and there, and my parents pretty much spoiled all of us by having dinner ready when we came home. And to top it off, my dad walked the dogs so we didn't even have to worry about them!
Now, I feel like I'm constantly on the go, trying to get from one point in the day to the next without a chance to breathe. And to make matters worse, Austin has been super busy at work, so with the exception of yesterday, we've had dinner every night without him. Tonight he didn't even make it home before Naomi's bedtime.

My daily schedule goes something like this:
4:30am - wake up
5:30am - go to work
5:50am - arrive at work
4:15pm - leave work, run to catch train at the WTC
4:40pm - arrive at Hoboken - run to catch NJ Transit train
5:15pm - arrive in Lyndhurst, run to car
5:30pm - arrive at Naomi's daycare
6:00pm - arrive at home, take care of dogs, deal with a fussy Naomi who's hungry and tired from daycare, prepare/reheat/cook dinner
6:30pm - feed Naomi dinner
7:20pm - Naomi's bathtime
7:30pm - pj's, storytime, milk, prayer time
8pm - Naomi's bedtime
8:00-8:30 relax
8:30pm - go downstairs, clean up dinner
9:00pm - cook/prep dinner for next day
10pm - relax/get clothes ready for next day
11pm - go to bed and start all over again.

phew, even typing it makes me exhausted


Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about your hardship. try to do only the important things and let austin help you when he is not so busy at work, maybe the dinner preparation can be made simplier. it is very difficult i know that but as long as naomi is taken cared of i would just try to do everything else as simply as you can.


Lo said...

sheesh! just reading your schedule makes me tired!!! =( makes me re-think going back to work, ha ha. =P you're my hero!!