Thursday, January 7, 2010

Refocusing on what's important

This has been a long and stressful week for Austin and I, and I feel like I've spent most of the week feeling burdened with all that I have to do at a certain point in time.

This has also been a week of really bad news. A friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia, a co-worker had a stroke at the airport, a friend's mom was having heart pain and rushed to the ICU, Austin's co-worker's babysitter had a heart attack.....seriously, compared to all of this news, my little issues are really just that...little.

Both Austin and I are in tip top health, Naomi is a happy, cheerful and beautiful child. We have everything in the world to be thankful for and unfortunately I allow myself to forget all of this and get lost in the moment of what I need to do to be improving things and getting things done.

So here's to a great year of not complaining about all the things we have to do, and to instead, cherishing all the little miracles we do have in our lives.