Monday, January 4, 2010

Moving on up

Naomi moves up from the infant class to toddler class at daycare
today. She absolutely lives her infant room teachers and all of her
classmates, so it's a little sad to know he'll be in a somewhat
unfamiliar environment. Other than the people, the biggest change is
that she will nap on a cot rather than a crib. The daycare center
teachers assure me that the kids never has a hard time transitioning
to a cot, but I just envision all the kids napping while Naomi jumps
up and just starts walking around on her own, taking advantage of her
new freedom!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally got my laptop to start after all these months and i am so glad i can again read this blog. So sad i was not there to enjoy naomi's first ,real encounter where she played with the snow. Thanks for the blog i can at least see the event in pictures.