Thursday, August 19, 2010

26 months.

Naomi is 26 months today. I totally missed her 25 month update. Now that she’s 2, are the months less important? Well I’ll try to keep doing these for as long as I can remember!

As usual another month has gone by and in this month I feel like Naomi has grown by leaps and bounds. Every night when I pick her up from daycare, I feel like she’s a little more grown up than the night before when I kissed her goodnight. It’s completely bitter sweet, and I find myself wishing time could slow down all the time.

This month, we had our first parent’s teacher’s conference since Naomi started attending Bright Horizons. Come labor day, it’ll have been exactly one year since she first started. I feel like she’s been there for so much longer! Her teacher had incredible feedback for us, and told us how much she loves having Naomi in her class. Naomi loves music, she’s always the first one to run to the middle of the room for “circle time” where they sing group songs. She quickly picks up on all the songs, and claps along and does all the actions. She also loves loves loves to dance (yes these are all things we know but it was still nice to hear). Loves to draw, paint, and basically do anything artistic. She’s advance in her verbal communications skills and is extremely independent, (sometimes frustratingly so since she wants to do everything “by myself”). She can open up all her own food during lunch time, pour her own glass of water, eat all by herself, and even wash her hands with soap all without help. She’s a good helper and likes to help clean up during the day. She’s getting much much better at sharing and understands that she has to take turns with her friends. This is a HUGE improvement over her early days in the toddler class where she got into fights with classmates, and even pushed her friend Alli at a playdate we were at, at Alli’s house! The coolest thing, other than hearing all these amazing comments from her teacher, is that they gave us a portfolio book to take home and look through. It’s basically a big binder that they started maintaining for Naomi from day 1 of daycare, back when she was in the Infant room. It includes pictures of her, pieces of artwork that she’s done, and observations about her development from her teachers. One of the observations that sticks out in my mind was written by her infant teacher when she was 18 months. It said “Today Naomi saw her friend crying, and went to give her a stuffed animal”. I didn’t even know that happened. It made my heart swell with pride to think that my little girl who was literally just learning to walk at that time, was able to empathize with another child and try to bring comfort to them. She really is a sweetie. I’m so glad we made the decision to use the day care center that we do. It’s so incredible that they work so hard to keep us in tune with what our kids are doing and learning on a day to day basis. So much of this is what I ache and long for when I’m at work instead of being with Naomi, but it’s a little easier to swallow knowing how well she is loved and cared for by all her teachers.

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