Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shadows, what scary things they can be

Last night, Naomi was playing in the living room when she saw her shadow against the wall. She asked, “Who’s that?” and pointed at it. I told her it was her shadow. “my shadow?” she said. For the next 5 minutes she ran around trying to touch her shadow, finding it on the floor, under her feet, on the wall. She would laugh as she exclaimed that she was stepping on her shadow. She found out that mommy and daddy had shadows too. Then at one point, she threw her blanket on top of her head, and Uncle Chris who was visiting, said, “Naomi, watch out your shadow is going to get you!!” Faster than any of us could have expected, she chucked the blanket on the ground and RAN her little legs over to where Austin and I were sitting, and started crying. Guess she’s really learning how to be scared of things. We spent the next few minutes convincing her that shadow’s weren’t scary and they kept us company. Austin and I gave our own shadow’s high fives on the floor, and she eventually followed suit and managed to get excited over the game.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the Peter Pan movie in which Peter Pan tried to get his shadow attached to his feet.

Susan Chun-Hui said...

That's a really sweet ending.