Monday, August 9, 2010


I've said it time and time again, I'm constantly amazed by how much Naomi is talking these days. It seems like every day she learns more words and is stringing longer and longer sentences together. Half the time I'm cracking up at the silly things she says, half the time I'm wondering where the heck she picked this stuff up. Here are a few examples.

After washing her hands, Naomi looks in the mirror, holds her hands out and says, "All clean doggy!!" I think she originally heard "okie dokie".

When I pick her up from daycare, the first thing Naomi does is check out what jewelry I'm wearing. Recently I've only been wearing a diamond pendant that Austin gave me for our anniversary, and various pairs of earrings that my friend Haewon made. She always takes my necklace and says, "Daddy gave you this necklace?" Then she'll look at my earrings and say, "Oooh mommy I like you're earrings. Aunt Haewon gave you?" Of course when I do forget to wear earings she'll pull my hair back to double check, then say, "hey where'd earings go?"

When reading her Cinderella book, Naomi points at Cinderella and says, "Hi there beautiful".

One day she passed gas, but it sounded and smelled like it could be a lot more than just gas. I asked her if she pooped and needed to change her diaper. She smiled and said, "no mommy. naomi just farted..and pee pee'd too"

At the end of the Barney song when the phrase goes, "won't you say you love me too?" Naomi says, "I love you too!!"

After leaving a room (for example to go get her diaper changed), Naomi will proclaim to the room upon arrival, "I'm BACK now!!!"

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