Friday, January 7, 2011

Who's coming today?

Every morning this week when I've gotten Naomi up (she's been oversleeping and I've had to get her up for daycare!) the first words out of Naomi's mouth are, "Who's coming today?" The first couple of times she asked this, I responded "no one" to which she would respond "NO, who's coming TODAY!?" only to get more and more aggravated. Finally I asked her who she thought was coming, and she said, "baby 2" well, ok she really said the baby's name. Every morning it's the same thing, except now I know to play along. She's been saying her baby sister would come "today" every day for a week now. I guess she's excited to have a baby sister in the house too! Hopefully she won't be completely shocked when she realizes what having a baby sister means!

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Laura said...

Aw, sooooo cute! I can't wait for #2 to arrive, too :-)