Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With or Without You...getting nostalgic

I've been looking at a lot of old videos and pictures of Naomi while I've been home these past couple of weeks. I can't believe how little she used to be and how much she has grown up. We just finished up breakfast and spent at least 20 minutes just sitting at the table after we were done, talking, singing together and making each other laugh. She's her own little person. Anyway here's a video I just watched that I don't think I ever posted. Austin and I love music and have been trying to introduce music to Naomi since she was just a few days old. Here's an early jam session of her and Austin.


beawei said...

Wow! I cannot believe how much she looks like her Gu Gu?! Perhaps that is why they get alone so well!

Naomi's mom said...

haha maybe. naomi at this age looks identical to my baby pictures too.