Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Months

Mikaela turned six months yesterday. 6 months ago she was this dependent little blob. A cute squishy, wrinkly blob of course. How are my girls growing so fast. Ok well to say Mikaela is growing fast would be a little bit of an exaggeration. She's our petite baby. We took her to the doctor's today, and while she's definitely putting on weight, she's not going to be shopping at big and tall anytime soon.
She's getting better at sitting up, she'll still topple over after awhile, but she's getting stronger and stronger. She's interested in stretching out to reach things, and I'm sure she'll be crawling in no time. She's so strong, and with her body being so little, maybe she'll have an easier time pulling her body weight around.
She's totally interested in food, she'll eye all of our food and try to grab it as fast as she can when she sees us eating anything. One day I was eating a chicken drumstick and had my plate on her highchair tray so she could see me while I eat (she likes being able to see your face when she's in the chair). Anyway, as soon as I put my plate down, she grabbed a drumstick off of it. I didn't even have time to move the plate away. She's a quick one. Luckily I grabbed it back before she had a chance to stuff it in her mouth. We're actually going to start her on rice cereal today. Exciting exciting.
She's back to sleeping well through the night. I do hear her wake up around 5:30 every morning, but she usually puts herself back to sleep after playing, fussing or babbling for a little bit. Then she'll sleep in until almost 8. She likes her sleep.
She's starting to get stranger anxiety. Yesterday Austin's sister came to visit us, and Mikaela was definitely a little hesitant to have Stacey pick her up. And today at the doctor's office, she was upset when the doctor took her away from Austin. Uh oh...just perfect cause she's starting day care next month.
Here are her stats from the doctor's visit, and of course a new pic,. This was actually taken over 4th of July weekend.

Weight: 13lbs 8oz (7%)
HeightL 24 inches (2%)
Head Circumfrence: 42.4cm (57%)

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beawei said...

Sooo adorable. I cannot wait to hold her.