Monday, July 18, 2011

Toddler's and TuTu's

There is really nothing cuter than a bunch of toddlers running around in tutus. Last month, we went to Naomi's first dance recital. Technically it was her second, but she didn't make it to her first since she was sent home from school with a rash (that turned out to be a patch of dry skin). In any case, it felt like forever before the next dance recital came around again. I have to admit, i was a bit nervous for Naomi and had prepared myself to see her clam up during show time given how shy she can often be. For weeks leading up to the dance recital, I would ask her to show me some of her moves and dances, and she'd give me little glimpses of what she had learn, but never really show much more than a few moves. Her teachers all raved about how good she was in class, and even told me that she was a bit upset to still have to be in toddlers, when the rest of her class had already graduated into the pre-school dance class, which was a bit longer. (Since she had transitioned to pre-school in the middle of a dance semester, she was still in toddlers dance.)
Anyway, the day of the show came along, Austin and i got out of work early to make sure we got to the daycare in time. My mom, dad, Mikaela, Chris, Qing and Priscilla all came out for the show as well. Naomi got into her sparkly tutu, reminiscent of Madonna's prime years in the 80s, threw on some ballet slippers, and she was ready to go. Of course, when we got back into daycare, Naomi wanted to be held, and I thought, "ok, here we go, she'll not want to get up there." Except she started to squirm and get a little upset. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "mommy, put me down, I need to get up there to dance!!" As soon as I put her down, she ran up to the "stage" and sat down cross legged, waiting for the recital to begin. I was truly amazed. I knew she loved to dance, and she loved putting on shows at home, making everyone that she could, sit and watch her as her audience. I never believed it would translate into her wanting to actually perform. There were easily 50+ people in the audience, what with parents, siblings, teachers and friends. But yet when the music began, and the toddlers started dancing, she jumped right in! Perhaps I'm biased, but I do have to say that I think she was the best one in her class!! Ok, and so maybe there were only 3 other kids in the toddlers dance class, but STILL. It was impressive. They're routine lasted a good 15 mins or so, and she knew every move, and never got phased by the audience. She just did her thing! When the toddlers were done, it was time for the pre-schoolers to dance. This was where Naomi melted down. She didn't want to get off the stage, and wanted to join the pre-schoolers. She kept crying and saying how she wanted to dance and dance and dance. This is completely the opposite problem I thought we would be dealing with this night. Austin ended up bringing her into the bathrooms, and with the help of some toilet paper, they made their own makeshift ribbons for dancing with, and tears were diverted, and Naomi and Austin continued to dance in the back of the audience, while the pre-schoolers performed.
It was such a fun night. I can't wait for the next show. Since she loved dancing so much, we actually just signed Naomi up for ballet in our local dance school. It doesn't start until September, but it's for 50 mins every Saturday morning, from Sept. thru June, with a dance recital in December and June. Can't wait to watch my baby girl perform some more!!

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I could have dance all night, I could have dance all night and still I beg for more ...