Sunday, August 28, 2011

Business as Usual

Yup, I got an email from the global head....tomorrow is business as usual. Despite warnings from both Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Christie to stay indoors tomorrow, I'll be trekking my way into manhattan at 5:30 am. In all reality, Hurricane Irene wasn't as bad as it could be, and for that I'm grateful. We didn't have any damage to our property, no flooding, and no loss of power. There are a lot out there who suffered a far less fortunate fate, so I'm counting my blessings and trying not to complain too much about having to go back to work. Austin has the day off though, so at least I'll be able to check in on the girls. Since I was home Thursday and Friday with Naomi being sick, going to work after a few days is always tough. I do have to marvel in the fact that for an area that hardly ever sees Hurricanes or Earthquakes, we've experienced both in less than a week!

On the sick front, today was the first day Naomi hasn't had a fever in almost a week. She's still so exhausted though. Today at lunch, she decided she was too tired, and went upstairs and put herself down for a nap. This from a girl who would rather stay up all day, and all night, fights naps all the time....After almost a 3 hr nap, I expected her to be up all night today, but at dinner, she was complaining about being tired, so we got her ready for bed as usual. Hopefully all this extra sleep will help her nip whatever sickness she has. She's been breaking out in random rashes on her hands and feet, but the doctor said it's not hand, foot and mouth disease. It's not strep either. They said that breaking out in a rash might just be her way of fighting viruses. Poor girl. We've been giving her claritin on top of tylenol to help with the itchiness from her rash. Thankfully, Mikaela hasn't caught whatever bug Naomi has. knock on wood. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up for travel, so we need everyone healthy! Next week we go on a family retreat for church. The following week we go to Clearwater, FL with our Gene and Jaime, and their daughter, Alli, aka naomi's best friend. The day we get back we have friends staying with us for a week, visiting from Seattle. Then we have one week at home, then we're off to Cabo for a week! Talk about a back end loaded travel schedule. Guess we didn't plan this year that well. Oh well. Here's to good health and good weather with no more storms.

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