Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

We've been busy busy. I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with the blogging! We travelled to Connecticut this weekend to celebrate the girls' great grand parent's (Austin's grandparents) 65th wedding anniversary. (more on that hopefully in a separate post). My parents left for Shanghai yesterday morning, so it was a bit sad to come home last night. With my parents gone, that means Mikaela officially started daycare today. Austin did a great job of getting both girls out the door, Naomi was an incredible help, playing with Mikaela, helping to feed her a bottle...
Once they got to school though, Mikaela knew something was up and got a bit nervous. By the time Austin and Naomi left her class, she was crying her poor eyes out. We were hoping since she's only 7 months that she wouldn't really go through much separation anxiety, unlike when Naomi went at 14 months. Unfortunately, she's a smart one, and she already knows she's not with family. It's only 9:30am right now, and I'm literally sitting on my hands to hold myself back from calling the center to check in on her already. I'm making myself wait til 10am. Here's a pic from this morning. Her teacher was already holding her in this shot. doesn't she look nervous?

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beawei said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow, Mikaela. We love you very much!