Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sleep Rituals....I mean, quirks

They say it's important to set a sort of sleep routine/ritual at a young age to get your babies to learn when it's time to go to sleep. We have a loose routine for both girls, which has definitely helped us get both girls ready for bed at a somewhat decent hour every night (with some obvious hiccups along the way), but still allowing us flexibility to change things up on nights when we stay out late, travel etc.
Along the way, the girls have developed their own quirks which help them to fall asleep. I can't help but laugh each night as we finally get both girls into bed. Naomi has two night lights, a sound machine, a nightstand and her main bedroom light which she has to turn on/off all on her own. Then she jumps into bed, where she gets one story, a bunch of silly songs (courtesty of Dora) and then her bedtime lullabye *Misty". Then Austin or I has to sit on her couch for 5 mins while she tries to sleep, then after 5 mins, we give her another 2 mins before finally leaving for the night, making sure to prop her door open just a tiny bit so she can see the railing outside her door.
Mikaela, we've recently discovered, will cry unless you are touching her cheek. Once I put her down, even if she's fast asleep, she wakes up immediately. As soon as I touch her cheek with my palm, she falls back asleep, no joke, instantaneously. But if I try to move my hand away too soon, she wakes up. It's usually no more than 3-5 mins, and it's nice to be able to watch her sleep because she's so peaceful and has the cutest face. But It seriously is the funniest thing to be standing there, leaning over her crib with one hand on her cheek. But hey, whatever works right?

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Lo said...

i love it - touching her cheek!!! i wish we had something like that for malachi!!!