Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nantucket in the Fall

With my maternity leave quickly coming to an end, (sob sob), Austin and I decided we needed to take advantage of my freedom and go somewhere on a mini vacation.  Austin's aunt generously offered to allow us to stay at their beautiful summer home in Nantucket, so we jumped at the opportunity.  

We left on Wednesday morning at 7am to catch a 2:45 ferry from Hyannis.  We managed to make the whole trip with just one pit stop in Rhode Island to feed Naomi.  We wished Fritz still lived in Rhode Island cause we could have visited!!

Once we made it to Hyanis, we immediately felt the change in temperature, it was easily 10 degrees colder than it had been in NJ once you factored in the wind.  Never the less, Naomi still had a chance to enjoy some outdoor time on the ferry.

Despite the chilly weather in Nantucket, we were able to enjoy our time there.  It definitely wasn't beach weather, but it was nice to walk on the beach, although we quickly learned that Naomi doesn't appreciate the strong winds.  Every time a gust of wind would hit her face, she screamed her lungs out.  Guess she takes after me and is a warm weather baby!  Vacationing with a baby is a whole new skill that Austin and I had to quickly learn.  From the very beginning, we had to allow ourself more time to get ready in the morning since we had a million and one things to bring for Naomi.  (a bag full of clothes, blankets, diapers, toiletries, medicine in case she gets sick, portable crib, bouncer, baby bjorn).  And during the day we tried to make sure we had a lot of time back at the house to give her a chance to rest and take a real nap.  

Now that Naomi has head support, she's able to experience the world in the baby bjorn face forward.  The girl LOVES it.  It must feel like she's walking on her own and exploring the world cause she would kick her legs like she was running, and she was smiling and laughing the whole time, even when she missed out on naps.  It definitely made navigating Nantucket's little cobblestone streets a lot easier.  Thank you to the inventors of the baby bjorn and moby wrap!! 

Anyway, it was a great vacation, a completely new experience to vacation with baby, and Austin and I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment for having done it. But it's definitely good to be home.

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