Monday, September 1, 2008

Naomi in the city

Since Naomi was born, we've carted her into the city on numerous occasions, perhaps for selfish reasons since Austin and I are determined to not become one of those couples who lose their identities and become hermits until their kids turn 18 and grant them freedom.  We've taken her to malls, parks, restaurants, both of our offices, church, friend's houses etc.  Nothing crazy and exciting, but enough to make us feel like we're still people who can go out and have a life outside.
Anyway, Naomi has become quite the little city diva and seems to like city life...

She likes to have brunch on Sunday afternoon's with Austin and Priscilla

Here she is hanging out with Brittania in a Korean deli while I was off at a meeting.

She dances on table tops 

And she only accepts the fanciest transportation, no subways for this baby.


Shari said...

Awww...great photos! Can't believe that it was a year ago that you guys were in London. Now you've got Naomi who's cruising NYC.

Lo said...

aww Naomi is so cool!! I wanna be a city girl! =P