Monday, April 20, 2009

10 months

Naomi turned 10 months yesterday. It's hard to believe that in 2 months she'll already be a year old! We started thinking about her birthday party, so far all we've done is pick a date, June 20th, the say after her birthday.

For her 10 month birthday, we had my cousins and Chris come over for lunch. It wasn't really a 10mth celebration though; three of my cousins were visiting from the philippines. It was LOUD with everyone over and excitedly yelling and screaming, but Naomi took it all in stride. She was passed back and forth between everyone at the party, and although she prefers to be held by Austin and I, she's definitely getting over her stranger anxiety! She even reached out to her uncle chris for him to pick her up! That's a huge step for us.

After all the excitement, it took much longer than normal for Naomi to go down for her afternoon nap. After we put her down, I heard lots of laughing and clapping coming from her room, so I peeked in, and found her SITTING up in her crib. While she's beeing pushing into a sitting position on her own for a couple of weeks now, this was the first time she pushed up while in her crib. She was obviously excited. After lots of rolling around and giggling, we finally put herself to sleep and slept long enough for both austin and I, my brother, and my mom to all get an afteroon nap in as well!

The past month was a major milestone month for us! Here are some highlights:
Pushing into a sitting position
Making her dolls kiss each other
Blinking when you ask "where are your pretty eyes"
Raising her hand when you ask "who is naomi wei"
Back to raising her arms up for a touchdown
Down consistently to 2 naps
Standing while leaning on a table
Pulling into a standing position (albeit with a little help)
Clapping hands
Waving bye bye
Feeding herself fingerfoods
Eating 3 solid meals a day
Bathing in a real bathtub vs on the kitchen counter

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Lo said...

wow that's a lot of accomplishments! go naomi!! =D