Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bed Head

Every morning when Naomi wakes up, her hair sticks out like she's been attacked by the strongest wind storm ever. Not sure what she does in her sleep, but I went to check in on her a couple hours after she fell asleep last night, and her hair was already out of control!!!
Here's a shot of her when she woke up this morning, and one from over the weekend. (had to post the weekend one..check out the onesie! she's my surfer beach baby).
I think Naomi's putting on some extra weight. Looking at her pictures I've noticed a little more baby chub in her cheeks, yay, and it looks like she's outgrown her 3 month old onesies (check out the first picture below - looking a little tight/chubalicious in her 3mth clothes).

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