Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy busy

I find myself with less and less time to blog, and when I finally do have time, so much has happened that I dont know what to write about and push it off for even longer.
Anyway, it's been a busy couple of days for us. Austin and I had a much needed 4 day easter weekend. Over the weekend we applied for Naomi's first passport (yes we're going on vacay!), bought a ton of babyproofing stuff, (subsequently returned a ton of babyproofing stuff), started baby proofing (corner guards, outlets covered), painted our magnetic chalkboard wall, went to Good Friday service, went to easter service, met up with Gene, Jaime and Alli and went to the National Museum of History. Sunday night, I felt like I needed a couple days off from my days off!
It was great spending time with Naomi. It's amazing to me how much she changes and learns everyday. I can't even begin to list everything she's learned in the past couple of days...but her latest trick is to feed herself finger foods (mainly cheerios, but yesterday she had spaghetti). It's hilarious to watch her stuff her whole hand in her mouth to get one cheerio in there. When she's done, she claps for herself. Gotta love that kid. She raises her hand if you ask her "who is naomi wei." She's also able to stand for short period of times while leaning on a table for support. Guess we better pick up the pace on our babyproofing efforts!!

Since I'm at work, I dont have access to all of our pictures, so here are a couple of pictures from Austin's photo blog

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Lo said...

yay for naomi learning to feed herself!! =D