Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give me more

I never thought I'd teach Naomi baby sign language. But we noticed how much Naomi tries to imitate us, and how easy it's been to teach her tricks, (recent trick - "Flying Kiss"), and my friend Lois told us about how her 1yr old son Caleb can sign for "more", "please", "diaper change"!!!. I figured I'd give it a shot. Within a couple of days Naomi started copying me when I made the gesture for "more", and now a couple weeks later, she knows how to signal "more" for when she wants more food!. She still gets frustrated when we take too long to feed her and grunts/whines, but she's starting to use the sign more often. Each time she signals for "more" we give her another bite of whatever she's eating and praise her....then she claps for herself.

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Lo said...

Yay! Go Naomi - girls are so much smarter and quicker than boys! =P