Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monkey see...

Naomi loves to imitate. It's helped in teaching her tricks like throwing up her hands in the air for touchdowns, raising her hand when you ask who Naomi Wei is, and her most recent, stretching her arms out when you ask how much she loves mama.
When she's taking a bath, she likes to take her wash cloth and "wipe" down the tub. Well this weekend we had some play dates with her friends Alli and Josiah. In her attempt to follow Josiah around the house and invade his personal space, Josiah managed to evade her by climbing up some steps to crawl to the safety of his mommy's lap. Naomi was thwarted by the steps, though not without a valiant attempt.
Last night, I saw her making a beeline for the steps that lead into our kitchen, as she tried to get to Lilo who was staring her down. I followed her, ready to pick her up and bring her into the kitchen in case she couldn't make it up on her own - and to my surprise she lifted one leg up, dragged the rest of her body up, then lifted the next leg up and did the same (we only have two steps that lead you to the kitchen). I only wish I had my video camera cause it was hilarious to see her maneover her way up. (as Jaime and Heather can attest, she is quite the flexible baby. I guess seeing Josiah climb steps made her realize that she could too!

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