Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rocking Chair

Last night Naomi woke up at around 12am a couple hours after I had gone to bed. We normally let her cry it out and she can put herself back to sleep in a couple of minutes. This time she seemed a bit distraught, I figured with the loud storms that she might be having a hard time settling down. So I sent in to check in on her. I figured I’d rock her a little to try and settle her down. Since Naomi was a couple of weeks old, she hated being carried by someone who was sitting down. So to get her to sleep we used to have to stand up and rock her and eventually put her down in her crib. As soon you tried to sit down with her, she’d start screaming her head off. Sometimes she didn’t want to be carried even when you’re standing up. She squirms to get free, and she has the strongest little arms that can jab you right in the neck with a perfectly positioned stiff arm. Austin and I always joke about how we have the most non-cuddly baby ever.
Given I was exhausted and bleary eyed, I figured I’d try to rock her in the rocking chair last night. Within a few minutes Naomi was calm and just content to lay in my arms until she fell back asleep, and even though it was midnight and I was exhausted and had to be back up in a few hours, I was happy. My non-cuddly baby wanted to be cuddled.

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Lo said...

wow! yay for naomi actually letting you rock her, and yay for some cuddle time! =)