Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing Nice

Every Sunday we drop Naomi off at the nursery in our Church. Every morning, as I’m leaving I hear her wailing as the poor nursery staff try to calm her down and distract her. When I pick her up after service, her face is usually red and splotchy, and she’s cranky for the rest of the afternoon as payback for me leaving her behind. Yesterday, I’m happy to report that when I dropped her off, she picked up some toys and started playing with them. While I heard her crying when I left, I heard her immediately stop as soon as the nursery staff went over to entertain her. And after service, when I picked her up, she didn’t even notice me at first. She was too busy playing with another little girl and the toys in the nursery. When she finally did look up and see me, she gave me the biggest smile and crawled towards me. Best feeling in the world.

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Lo said...

yay!! go naomi! =D