Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Gap luxe!!

I've been really good about not buying Naomi new clothes this winter. (let's not talk about shopping habits for myself of late...hey but at least I'm not growing anymore!)

Anyway, if I WERE to purchase anything, it would be these cute pieces from babygap's winter luxe line.

Love love love these shoes.....but anyone that has been to our house knows, Naomi has more shoes than most adults. Thankfully her feet are tiny and dont seem to be growing much, so she gets tons and tons of wear out of them!
Ok a faux fur coat? Too cute, and totally impractical. I could see Naomi chomping and licking the fur so she ends up looking like she's wearing a matted dog.

Love the silver brocade material. Do they make this in adult sizes?


Janet said...

such pretty clothes!! i always find myself saying, they should make that in adult size! I'd totally wear it.

Shari said...

Too cute! It must be so much fun dressing up Naomi. Good thing that her feet don't grow fast.