Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shiners and runny noses

It's been a long time since I've posted...I'm finally back to full form, back at work and Naomi for once does not have a runny nose or a cough! Austin however has taken his turn in the sickness department and was running a fever before he conked out at 8:30 this evening (gasp he even fell asleep before Glee!!!).

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with over 25 guests, and thankfully enough food to feed everyone! Pictures to come later (yes I still need to post pictures from our vacation in Cabo and San Fran). For now, I'm just sharing a picture of Naomi's most recent accessory - her shiner. yes yes this is indeed the SECOND black eye that she has gotten in her short (less than 18 months). Although i argue the first wasn't REALLY a black eye...this one is unquestionably, and unfortunately a black eye. According to her day care teachers, she was "NICELY" playing in daycare, and lost her footing, and fell straight on a toy kitchen set. She banged up her cheek, and two days later has a couple marks on her cheek, and a nice black eye to show. Ironic that I was considering getting her a toy kitchen for christmas this year. I may reconsider that choice...just because.


Chickering Mom said...

Poor little thing. Still just adorable! Mary has the Fisher-Price "Grow with Me" kitchen and LOVES it!! She made me something last night and took turns feed me and herself. :)

Naomi's mom said...

that's so cute! I need to check out that fisher price kitchen. so far naomi has had two accidents with the one at daycare where she keeps falling on it. haha