Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 months, and ready to celebrate

Naomi is 5 months today. In the past month, she's changed so much. She's learned to roll over like a pro, laughs and chuckles a lot, has found her high pitch voice which she likes to use in screams (usually when her head is right by my ear). She's eating up to 6 oz from a bottle now, a huge change from the 2oz she would begrudgingly take when I first started work. She sleeps through the night from 8pm - usually til around 7:30am. She stopped needing to be rocked to go to bed. She grasps her hands, she plays with toys and notices when you take them away. She's good with strangers, although if she's tired, she only wants to be held by familiar faces. She finally outgrew her size 1 diapers and is now onto size 2's. She also notices when we're eating and stares longingly at our food. (soon enough baby soon enough). There are just so many changes that have happened this month, I can't even list or remember them all to tell you honestly! It's been a whirlwind ride, but definitely the best ride of my life. Corny I know.

With the holidays fast approaching, we set up a mini photoshoot to get our holiday cards in order. Yep we decided on just a shot of Naomi, cause lets face it, she's so much cuter than Austin or I. I won't tell you which one we picked, and if you want to make sure you're on our holiday card list, make sure to send me your mailing address! But here are a few shots from the shoot. We even tried to get Lilo and Stitch in there...but once again, Lilo messed it up for Stitch and ran all over the place. stitch I must say is an excellent model though. He just plops right down next to Naomi and patiently waits for his shots to be done. Next time Stitch.


Laura said...

Aw, I love them all! You have my address, right?!?

Jay said...

very cute pics!!!

Anonymous said...

ditto amy,i have also noticed all these changes in naomi and i am reliving these events in my life once again just enjoying it. i thank you for giving these moments to me to enjoy without fear just loving and caring naomi at the best of my experience and i know i can do it too so no fear at all!!!
i like all these pics but the 3rd to the last and the last one i like the most.


Beatrice said...

What can I say? Like mother like daughter! I am proud to be the grandma of the cutest 5-month old!!!

love, grandma

Jay said...

I'm having a moment back to Hilton Head Island, SC =P