Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things that make Naomi laugh

Ever since Naomi started laughing, I spend my time figuring out new ways to make her giggle. It's totally random every day what can set her off, but here are a couple of the things that our silly girl likes.

- the Simpsons theme song
- Pinky and the brain theme song
- getting tickled in the belly
- when you pretend that you're going to tickle her
- blowing rasberries on her belly
- blowing rasberries on her neck
- bouncing her on our stomachs
- scaring her by saying Boo out of the blue
- just looking at Austin (yea it's a bit unfair, I have to actually work to get her to laugh, meanwhile all Austin has to do is give her a silly look and she laughs like crazy!)


Austin Wei said...

yeah it is unfair, but I do like that last method!

Lo said...

Caleb totally prefers me, but he only laughs hysterically for Jason!!!! So unfair that I get all the whining and fussing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think austin must have put some sugar on her milk in the morning when feeds naomi