Friday, November 7, 2008

Best for baby

For the past month or so, Naomi has definitely started to notice when we're eating meals. She stares at us as we eat, watching the food go from our plate to our mouth. Sometimes she even starts licking her lips. I guess she's ready for solid foods soon!! Our pediatrician told us to wait until after our 6mth appointment, which isn't til December 15th, but I've started doing research on baby foods. I want to try and feed Naomi the best food possible to keep her healthy and strong. That being said, i'm researching organic products and recipes to make food at home on my own. I'm excited to say that there is definitely a lot of yummy looking organic baby foods out there! Since she'll be starting off on rice cereal, this seems to be the most highly reviewed choice - Earth's Beast Rice Cereal.

Once she starts other solids, I'll definitely blend up some concoctions of my own, but here's a cool line that I want to try as well. I discovered their brand at a children's market in NYC. A woman that works for their company came over and gave Naomi a free onesie with their ad label on the front, so of course I had to check them out. Some of their products look super simple to make, but it's great knowing there is an organic ready made option.

only 1.5 mths left before we try solids!!! We're definitely getting the video camera ready for this messy event.


Lo said...

Ha ha I can't wait for the videos!!!

Heather said...


As I work on my online boutique,, I came across your blog. My children are 2 and 8 months and I began feeding my 8 month old around 5 months, as she showed great interest.

I discovered a baby food grinder by Munchkin that has been wonderful to offer her foods that we are eating, like green beans and fresh food. However, I have also bought up shelves of Earth's Best baby foods. For her pinch and grasp skills, I bought some puffs made by Kashi, rather than cheerios. I also recommend getting a product by Munchkin that is a mesh teether in which you can put fresh foods such as apples, or bananas that your baby can suckle--a wonderful aid for teething. Our little one loves it and it allows us to enjoy dinner a bit more