Friday, November 14, 2008

A season to celebrate

Two blogs in one day!! Both while at work...hmmm. Both about Christmas. Needless to say I'm more than excited for this year's christmas. It's Naomi's first Christmas. Our first christmas in our new house. And a Christmas where I can actually eat and not feel like I need to run and hug the toilet every time food comes within an inch of my mouth.
Anyhoooo I've been given strict orders by Austin that we are not to buy a christmas tree until after Thanksgiving. What the....
We're not supposed to celebrate Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving has passed...Fine fine I finally caved in and said we'd wait. But low and behold - what did I hear while speaking to my anti-celebrating-christmas-before-thanksgiving day husband on the phone?....CHRISTMAS MUSIC. He had his ipod speakers on, and was already playing his christmas mix from 2007. Mind you, today is November 14th, BEFORE Thanksgiving. Hypocrite.
And did you know that today the Rockefellar christmas tree went up!? (see image below) Well if Austin can listen to Christmas music, and Rockefeller can have a tree, than I'm getting my tree before Thanksgiving. thank you very much.
(and we'll have presents to put under it already, see post below haha).

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