Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Time

Austin and I took last week off to spend time with Naomi. I think this is our first time we've ever taken an extended vacation from work, and just stayed home! It was pretty nice and relaxing though. We got a ton of errands done, drove into the city a couple of times, and even got some christmas shopping done. I also got to have some time away from Naomi, over the weekend, my mom and I went to a spa for some facials. It was so relaxing, and kinda cool cause the spa used all organic products (cue austin's eye roll right here). Even though I was only supposed to go in for a facial, I ended up walking out with a couple of organic skincare products...I guess the spa fed into my whole organic kick that I'm on right now. I sort of felt like the character out of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" though, somehow I managed to explain to myself that i NEEDED these new products! hah oh well. Austin and I also got to go on a date night. We went to an Italian cooking class in the city, courtesy of one of my co-workers, and then we met up with Priscilla and some friends visiting from SF for a night of karaoke. I think it was the first time I've stayed out past midnight since several months before Naomi was born!! It was nice to get out and do things that didn't center around Naomi. And the food we learned how to cook was delish!! And yesterday we had another playdate with for Naomi with her "friend" alli. This is their 3rd encounter, and I think they may have actually been aware of each other this time...can't say they actually played together yet.
This week starts phase 2 of my phaseback program. Now I work Tuesdays-Fridays, but thank goodness, this week is Thanksgiving, so I have Thursday off, and only a half day on Friday. I'm definitely loving phaseback!!

Here are a couple of pictures from our cooking class, and from Naomi's playdate

Naomi and Alli getting ready for Domino's

Naomi, Jaime, Alli and Gene

They actually looked at each other!!!

Cooking class at Rustico Cooking

Finished meal - lambchops yumm

Handmade pasta and spicy sausages

Rolling out Biscoti

Kneading the dough for the handmade pasta

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