Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another playdate

We met up for a short playdate with Josiah. After not wanting to nap during the day, Naomi fell asleep in the car on our way over, and in true Naomi fashion slept through the beginning of the playdate. Finally we decided to wake her up since Josiah and hi mom and dad would be going back to Syracuse the next day and it'd be months before we get to see them again. It was cute to see them interact. Josiah was fascinated by Naomi and we were almost thinking he'd learn to crawl as he tried to reach for Naomi. There was a lot of staring, grabbing, sock stealing, toy stealing, almost biting and rolling into each other...Naomi was more than cranky and I had to sit next to her the whole time or she started crying. Regardless it was a good time, and I can't wait to June til we get to go visit them in Upstate NY!

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Lo said...

Dang, from Esther and Ted's account of their visit, I just assumed Naomi still never cried!! Ha ha. So cute - can't wait to meet both of them in a few months!!!