Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last weekend

It's been a busy week, but what else is new. I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from this past weekend...and it's already Friday.
Last weekend, Nate, Vonya and their 17 mth old daughter Geneva came to stay with us for the weekend. Geneva was a trip, way too cute for her own good. Not only was she cute, but she's incredibly smart!! Every time she saw Lilo and Stitch, she'd say, "Doggies - woof woof". When she saw Naomi she'd say "Baby - Wah Wah". Nate and Vonya taught her how to say Naomi, and she'd say, "Nomi Omi", cute nickname if you ask me. When you asked her to say Amy, she'd say, "amyamyamy", when you asked her to say Austin, she'd say, "NO!" Like I said. Smart girl.

On Saturday night, Vonya, Nate and Geneva went to a friends engagement party, and the Wei family drove into the city to have dinner with Stan who was visiting from San Fran, Priscilla and Weston. We had dinner at Landmarc, which Priscilla picked because of the numerous strollers parked outside...i.e. kid friendly. Naomi really started opening up at dinner, she kept cracking up whenever Weston or Stan would make faces at her. She's getting to be so much fun. Of course we stayed out a bit too late, and as soon as 8pm struck, Naomi turned into super cranky baby and we headed home not too long after that.

Sunday was another fun packed day. We met up with Gene, Jaime and Alli, and Priscilla at the Central Park Zoo. I was thinking Naomi would be too young to enjoy it, but she proved me wrong. She loved looking at the animals, especially the Penguins - she was laughing and yelling at them for awhile. She also loved seeing all the people walking around, you could see her just taking everything in. She even saw a Polar Bear, and we had to recite the words to her "Polar Bear Polar Bear" book.
At the end of the day, we were all exhausted, both Naomi and Alli conked out in their strollers on the walk back to the car.

All in all, a great weekend.


beawei said...

What a collection of memorable moments. Time to download!

Shari said...

Aww, how nice for Naomi and Geneva to meet! I laughed out loud when you wrote how Geneva wouldn't say Austin's name. Haha, good stuff.